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Banner Art Requirements

Setting Up Your Art

Art supplied needs to be at 500 dpi at 10% at full size.

iDRIVE Mobile Advertising Vehicles feature:

Side Panels – 6’ x 10’ (72” x 72”)

→ Art Setup: 7.2” Tall x 12” Wide- 500 dpi

Rear Panels – 6’ x 6’ (72” x 72”)

→ Art Setup: 7.2” Tall x 7.2” Wide – 500 dpi

Rich Black Mix:
When artwork is submitted that contains a color that needs to print as a true black hue, there is a special mix that should be used. Please use C 50, M 45, Y 35, K 100. This will ensure that a black color will print as our truest and richest black that is achievable on our digital print press. When converting colors in an Adobe Photoshop document be sure to NOT use the selection wand- this will miss any pixels that have a different property then the selected pixel. Instead, please use black in the selective color, set your darkest mix value as your “black” and then adjust the values until they match the 50,45,35,100 mix. Any Color Mix: Please refer to a PMS Solid to Process Pantone Guide to pick

Any Color Mix:
Please refer to a PMS Solid to Process Pantone Guide to pick color mixes (C,M,Y,K). Be sure to check your Color Mode. If your image is in another mode, such as RGB, indexed color, or grayscale mode, we recommend that you convert it to CMYK mode. When you make this conversion, a slight color shift will occur, and you may want to adjust your image accordingly. If you send us a file in any mode other than CMYK, we will perform the color shift, and this may adjust the look of your image.

File Type:
Our system accepts .jpg, .eps or .tif formats. If your image already exists in .jpg format, it can be sized appropriately and uploaded. If your image exists in another file format, use an image editing program like Photoshop to convert the file into .jpg format by “Saving As” a .jpg file. Simply renaming the file with .jpg will not convert your image into a .jpg  file format. Refer to your image editing software help for more information on converting image files into .jpg format.

Naming Your Files:
•When you have completed your art, save the file at 10% of full size at 500 dpi in one of the accept-able formats.
•Do not include the words “logo,” “text” or “banner” in the name of the art file because these words can cause a conflict with our system.
•Your file name must be less than 22 characters with no spaces.


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