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How To Plan a Successful Outdoor Mobile Billboard Campaign with iDRIVE Mobile Advertising

In educating and consulting our clients about this specific advertising niche, we opt to produce a campaign that will generate reliable results for the client and create return business for us.

The following is a ten step checklist that must be met in order to have a successful campaign.

1 – Identify a Target Audience | Be familiar with your target demographic. Narrowing down a specific audience is critical in creating a campaign that will appeal to this target population. This should be discussed thoroughly with your Mobile Billboard service provider  prior to taking any further action.

2 – Design a Direct Response Ad | Mobile Billboards perform at their peak when there is a “call to action message”. General branding of your service, unless targeting a grand opening or a trade show, does not produce trackable results. Make certain you incorporate a phone number, a special discount, or any unique offer that may appeal to your target audience.

3 – Choosing the right hours & days of Operations | All too often clients will ask for generic hours like 9am to 5pm. Although the 9-5 approach will reach some of your audience, it will overlook business professionals and executives who are at work at the time. Most Mobile Billboard Service providers operate 8 consecutive hours per day, so choose hours that best fit the needs of your campaign.

4 – Feel free to adjust the route | Whatever route you choose initially should be adjusted accordingly as the campaign progresses. The reason you have chosen this medium is because it’s Mobile, so take advantage of it. If you notice the chosen route doesn’t work, change it immediately.

5 – The truck must look good! | Even if you chose the most appealing ads and desirable routes, but the truck itself is old, dirty, or noisy, it will do no justice to your brand name. A good rule of thumb is to request to see recent pictures of the truck that your ad is going to be displayed on. Remember that this truck will be the first impression that the audience will have of your company.

6 – Tracking Tracking Tracking | The advertiser must always be able to track a campaign. Don’t just get a report at the end of the campaign when it’s too late, but request to track the campaign while its ongoing. This will insure that correct times and routes are being activated.

7 – Size of the ad | It’s no mystery that the bigger your ad, the bigger the exposure. You should be getting your money’s worth. Usually, there is no price difference between a smaller or a larger ad so opt for the largest size offered.

8 – Request Pictures | Pictures of the campaign at the start, during, and upon completion are really important. You can preview your campaign to make sure everything is to your liking before your ads hit the streets.

9 – Rate Negotiations | Mobile Billboard rates have a range based on daily, weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. As the media buyer it is in your best interest as well as your clients to get the lowest pricing possible. Try to calculate the basic costs that you know of such as gas, employee, insurance, licensing, and so on and see what number you come up with. If there is a big discrepancy between your estimate and the quote, question the company about their rates and fees.

10 – Re-use | Most Mobile Billboard companies will offer to store your vinyl billboard after completion for your future use, and to avoid reprinting fees. With this in mind, try to create an ad that can be recycled and used at a later time.

If you need further assistance or have any questions in reference to Mobile Billboards, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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