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How it Works

Developing brand name recognition in a community and beyond its borders can be challenging and expensive with other sources of advertising, but with iDrive Mobile Advertising, it not only is it affordable, it’s also effective!

The iDrive vehicles operate a unique scrolling display system, featuring up to 6 promotional billboards on each side.   Typically, each billboard scrolls into place, is viewed for 8 seconds, and then replaced by the next billboard.  In the early morning and evening hours, your advertisement becomes more enhanced by an internal lighting system that creates a “can’t miss” glowing effect to capture your future customers’ attention.

iDrive  Mobile Advertising takes a company’s message directly to potential buyers, capturing their attention through color, lighting and movement.  Extensive research has been conducted on the latest traffic data from the Department of Transportation and local agencies to design driving routes through the most heavily traveled corridors in multiple, predetermined zones.

A single billboard of an advertiser’s campaign will be displayed typically 300 times per day totaling over 4,200 viewers per day per billboard. .This daily average dramatically increases during special events such as concerts, conventions, sporting attractions and other similar events totaling over 15,000 viewers per day and per billboard!


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