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iDrive at a Glance

iDRIVE Mobile Advertising is a locally owned mobile billboard company offering efficient state of the art Scrolling Mobile Technology never seen before in the Upper Midwest. Our national network has over 70 mobile units in over 51 other key markets.

iDRIVE Mobile Advertising exists to provide a proven solution to breaking through today’s information glut and clutter with high impact, geographically targeted messages that generate results. Through unique, creative and interactive media mixes we generate hype, awareness and emotional connections with consumers.

iDRIVE Mobile advertisements cannot be turned down, tuned out or thrown away.

You cannot miss gigantic, illuminated 10’x 6’ billboards at eye-level grabbing your attention every eight seconds.

iDRIVE Mobile Advertising vehicles are your leading source for delivering your message where people live, work and play.

How Does iDRIVE Mobile Deliver?

Each side of a iDRIVE Mobile vehicle has right, left and rear scrolling billboards that can change delivering new messages every eight seconds.

Eye-catching panels move and engage the viewer to anticipate your next message.

A high fidelity sound system can be activated to reinforce your message with audio programming.

iDRIVE Mobile Advertising routes strategically target high traffic and pedestrian locations throughout the metro on a consistent basis. No other mobile billboard company can match the allure of our scrolling technology with GPS tracking to direct iDRIVE Mobile to the people…to the right place…at the right time.

How Does iDRIVE Mobile Compare?

iDRIVE Mobile rates can be as low as 80% less than a schedule of 30-second TV spots, 60% less than a quarter page B&W newspaper ad, 50% less than a 4-color full page magazine ad, 40% less than a 60-second drive time radio spot and is very competitive with direct mail and outdoor advertising. Our CPM is only $4.17!

Research shows:

  • 97% of people notice words and pictures on trucks
  • 74% of people develop an impression about a company and its products based on graphics.
  • 29% base buying decisions based on graphics


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