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iDrive Benefits

Captive Audience – With iDrive Mobile Advertising, your customer can’t turn the page, change the station, or switch to another channel.

The Right Place at the Right Time – iDrive will drive your message directly to your targeted market, capturing thousands of daily commuter’s attention when they are already out and about, shopping or looking for entertainment.

Mobility – unlike stationary billboards, our billboards move. This movement, as well as bright colors and backlighting, will give your message an added dimension to attract and captivate your audience.

Alive – unlike the Internet and other online media, which are remote and intangible, the beauty of iDrive  is that it is firmly in the real world. Mobile outdoor advertising can give your company a presence on the street—a public face. It’s an excellent way to build two essential keys for your successful advertising—Familiarity and Trust.

Control – new research shows that consumers control messages by screening out some and selecting those that are relevant to them at the time. Your advertising can be more effective if YOU can control when and in what situation the message is received. With iDrive Mobile Advertising, you can move your advertising exposure closer to the point of purchase, where the consumer is ready to buy.

Affordable – our weekly rates are only a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising such as radio and TV; and our flexible options will make effective campaigns accessible to all advertisers with all budget levels.


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