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Multiple Billboard Panels: Choose and use up to all 30 spots within one campaign means a great opportunity to deliver multiple messages to your consumer within seconds.

Reusable Billboard Panels: Your billboard panels are protected behind glass while actively in-use and stored in a temperature controlled environment when they are inactive. This gives advertisers the ability to deploy previously manufactured and designed panels at a moments notice for immediate use in the future.

Backlit Illumination: At night the mobile scrolling system emits a vibrant backlight which provides an ambient glow to your translucent billboard panels. This backlighting makes your messages highly visible to your consumer while the media vehicle is on the go. Backlit advertisements glow at night and instantly give your ads that extra POP that is sure to catch almost any onlooker’s attention! Our advertisements can never be turned down, tuned out or thrown away!

Cost Efficient and Affordable: Our medium boasts one of the lowest CPM’s in the entire advertising arena. The average CPM is only approximately $1.50 which means you can stretch your advertising dollars more when you utilize our medium versus more traditional mediums. That is extremely low when compared to other marketing alternative averages:

  • Newspapers (18+): $23.32 half page Black and White
  • Television: 30-second prime time spot $20.54, 30-second prime-time network is $11.31
  • Magazine: 4 color full page is $9.62
  • Radio (top 100 markets): 60 second drive time $5.92
  • Outdoor (top 100 markets): Rotary bulletins with 10 showing is $3.90
  • Mobile Outdoor Advertising: Average CPM is only $1.50

(results taken from Outdoor Advertising Association of America data)

Impact: Exclusive marketing campaigns will yield your advertisements hundreds of thousands of memorable impressions each week. There are over 5 million Minnesotans residing in the general metropolitan community and many of them commute during the week. Below is some very important new facts about the impact of our medium.

“Billboard displays using motion have been determined to be the most effective advertising in both product sales and consumer awareness.”-The Point of Purchase Institute, Washington, D.C.

“In the out-of-home advertising industry, scrolling billboard displays are the most effective form available boosting product and name recognition fifteen times greater than anything else available!” -The European Outdoor Advertising Association, Zurich, Switzerland

“Our study measured consumer awareness and sales between static billboards, billboards utilizing scrolling motion and lighting, and no billboards. 43% of the respondents recalled the static billboards over no billboards. However, 94% of the respondents recalled the scrolling lit billboard, but in addition, 80% recalled the specific advertisement. Of even greater importance, static billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 54%, but lit scrolling billboards resulted in an increase in sales of 107%.” -Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. Washington, D.C.

External Sound System: Advertisers have the ability to compliment their visual messages with unlimited audio messages aboard the media vehicle. This tandem approach is very powerful and creates highly memorable impressions that stick in the consumers minds.

Onboard FM Transmitter: Advertisers can feature their pre-recorded audio messages on our private iDRIVE radio station. So, when targeting high traffic areas commuters can tune into this station to hear your commercials through their cars fm radio.

Scrolling Billboard Technology: The movement and action the changing billboards go through every 10 seconds when they change from one panel to the next creates instant awe from onlookers. People cannot believe their eyes when they see these advertisements and natural human curiosity makes them anticipate what the next advertisement might say to them.

Repetition: We can canvas a particular area or route repeatedly throughout the day and night. This strategy maximizes the amount of impressions your advertisements will take to your target audience where they work, live and play.

Trackable and Accountable: Our cutting edge GPS technology always keeps you update with real-time tracking on where your ads are or have been throughout the day.  You will be provided with daily Tracking Success Reports complete with highly detailed information including action photos of your campaign.

Customized Vinyl Design Wrap: Advertisers have the powerful ability to personalize the entire frame of our media vehicles from top to bottom with custom designs and messages. Vinyl wrapped media vehicles are an extraordinary way to compliment all your billboard and audio advertisements as they force peoples heads to turn and check out the changing ads amidst your design.


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